The modeller

nikos2… several years ago an eight-year-old child, using paper, toothpicks and cellotape, tools available at a house with their physical limitations, tried to make little models of ships turning phantasy into practice.

Later to these materials were added also solid wood, moil and sandpaper. Along with the passing of time, knowledge, experience and equipment managed to give shape to professional ship models putting historical accuracy was the first priority and taking advantage of all the available information that could be extracted from Greek and foreign sources.

Nowadays after 35 years of work, the construction and repair of ship models became the main day activity. Specialist literature, paintings, drafts and ship drawings along together with the adequate timber and a high-quality mechanic equipment, I am trying to make the best possible ship models I can. In these artifacts, there is no qualitative limit. Each ship model means a new experience; that being the modelist’s reward.

Each model is not only a wooden creation, but it has to offer at the same time an authentic and didactic image of the past.

Nikos Aliprantis