Copy of trechantiri-type vessel (late 18th-early 19th century)

trexantiriCarrying two masts according to the sacoleva-type and a latini at the front of the ship for greater sail surface without an equivalent size increase of the vessel itself.

The Swedish author and researcher Bjorn Landstrom in his book The Ship (Saltsjobaden, 1961, p.211) cites a draft of the ship under the name “Greek trekandiri” as one of the most well-known and resilient types of contemporary merchant ships.

The field of its commercial activity was the Medditerenean and above all the Aegean Sea, then under the control of the Ottoman Empire. It can be supposed that, despite its limited size, it traveled also in the Black Sea having passed the Strains.

Its length was between 12and 15 meters and was usually manned by a three- or a four-member crew, which sailed the seas under harsh conditions, adding thus a little stone to the subsequent development of the Greek maritime trading activities.

Information about the model

Measurements og showcase 84cm X 60cm X 20cm

Length of the model 80cm

Date of construction 2016

Material of costruction: Mainly Beechwood, Bosse Μahogany and Walnut