Assembling the models

The construction of models is being made after long and thorough study and historical research that is related to the subject sources in Greece and abroad, in order to approach the historical truth as much as possible.

The main features of the models should be:

the historical truth,

the aesthetic result, and

durability through time.


logo2The wood used to build them is of excellent quality with appropriate antifungal and repellent treatment (beech, walnut, mahogany, anigre, oak, lime etc.)

Paints and glues used, are perfectly compatible for interiors and indoors spaces.

Particular attention is also given to the construction of the sails which are made with excellent quality cloths, 100% cotton, with much care and precision at the seams in accordance with the technique in each era.

Models should be placed in a transparent cover in order to protect them from dust. You should also avoid placing them near intense heat sources.